Tamsyn Brocks Milliners Guild Issue 101

HATalk Issue 101

Glen Prince Autumn Winter 2015 Catalogue



The Bristol Magazine April 2015

Go flamboyant. Some of my favourite creations from the Milliners’ Guild are their most bonkers and daring. Foxglove Button by Tamsyn Brocks is a prime example: an oversized and brightly coloured foxglove draped across a crisp eau de nil button with hand painted, traditionally tooled foxglove detailing creates a stunning statement.

The Bristol Magazine May 2015

Iconic Foxglove Button

The Bristol Magazine – Royal Ascot: A Milliner’s Dream June 2015

“I feel in love with hats for the way they can make you feel they are a wonderful way to express and reflect your mood, though lots feel you need confidence to wear a hat it is simply a case of finding that hat that makes you feel amazing. This will then shine through to how you look and give the illusion of confidence.”